Our pricing features low, fixed, monthly payments!

We will build you a state-of-the-art, mobile-friendly website
for less than the monthly cost of a single cell phone bill!


Unlock the power and potential of your website with expert, user-friendly WordPress website design.

Whether you want to sell more of your products or services online, get more exposure for your organization or enhance your credibility, the quality of your website design can make the difference between your organization’s success or failure.

Anyone who uses the Internet to shop, research or just browse around has experienced the frustration associated with poorly thought out website design – inconsistent navigation, hard to read type, vivid background colors and distracting images that load slowly and all but crash your browser.

Sure, some websites look nice but most fail miserably in their primary purpose: Providing visitors with easy to find, useful, up-to-date information that encourages them to act.

If you want your website to succeed it must cater to the needs of your most important online asset – your customer.

It’s no exaggeration to say that we know a thing or two about designing clear, consistent, user-friendly websites that get the job done.

How we charge?

After an initial site setup fee (typically less than $300), we offer a low, fixed-rate monthly payment plan, that includes doman registration and renewal, ongoing WordPress Software, plugin, and Theme maintenance, web hosting, and all periodic content changes!

Sound expensive? Well it’s not! We are meeting nearly all our current clients business needs for $50/month, or less!

Our responsive web design allows businesses to have one mobile-friendly website that provides a good experience for all visitors, whether they are viewing your website on a desktop or almost any mobile device.

Responsive web design, essentially, takes your desktop website and adjusts how the information is displayed when viewed on a mobile device. So that, whether viewed on a desktop or a mobile device, the experience is good.

The website is easily readable and usable on a desktop or a mobile device, without having to pinch and zoom or scroll sideways.

There’s not much we can’t do, so contact us today and let’s take YOUR business to a higher level!

Our expertise in designing standards-compliant and accessible websites gives us a unique insight into creating logical, aesthetically pleasing sites that serve the user.  In other words we approach your website design from your visitor’s point of view, not the other way around.  In addition to professional web design, we provide an array of web services which include web hosting, multiple internet marketing tools and strategies.


Our services typically include web hosting, and domain  renewal!


Comprehensive maintenance for your WordPress software, plugins and themes!


We  make your web site changes SAME-DAY 95% of the time!


Complete fault tolerance!  If anything breaks, we can have you back online in under 4 hours!


This is a GREAT WONDERFUL FABULOUS company!  They are so creative! The owners will work with you, listen to what you want and go beyond to make things perfect.  They turn the impossible into the possible.  Please call Stephen Warenchak for any website needs, and feel free to contact me directly and I can show and explain to you all the awesomeness they did!

...Becky Collins, The Wedding Kiss, (727) 934-5236

Highly Recommended! The Warenchak’s are great people! In this day and age you run into a lot of people who over promise and under deliver, it’s the complete opposite with this couple! They are masters at what they do, very smart and professional, and most of all patient, which is a must when dealing with me. I would recommend them to anyone. A true pleasure to deal with!

My customers are always telling me how easy it is to navigate through my site. Thank you Manatee PC!

Amazing! What more can I say?

I get so many compliments on my website.

Changes are made quickly, and they and they are always keeping me updated on the latest bells and whistles.

My business has picked up since my website went live!

I wish I called Manatee PC years ago, they are a dream come true.

Finally I found a web designer who listens to me.

The site is even better than I imagined. I'm just glad you were able to see my vision and deliver.

Outstanding customer service!

It's as if they read my mind.

Thank you so much for a freakin' awesome website!

I am so in love with my website, and I have gotten tons of positive feedback.

Manatee PC created slideshows to showcase my work. My clients can now shop online.

Keep in mind that all client sites are designed to THEIR specifications,
so these sample sites only represent a portion of our capabilities.