Bronze Maintenance

$20.00 / month

Monthly Web Maintenance ($50)



  • All work on your web site will be done from our offices.  If on-site visits are required, they will be individually fee based at $50/hour.
  • Complete phone support with all change requests submitted via email.  Most changes are completed same-day.
  • All images, graphics and other web site content must be supplied by the client.
  • Social Networking will include live RSS feeds thru your web site, however, the client is exclusively responsible for posting content on the respective social media platforms.  We do not manage your social networking accounts under this program.
  • We will periodically complete a complete backup of your web site at least every 90 days.
  • SEO is an entire industry by itself, and is not included in our EZ Plan support program.   Still, the majority of our current clients are easily found on Google and Bing due to our design practices.


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